I am a Creative Director, based in Beirut with over 13 years of studio experience. I devoted several years of my professional career serving companies by supplying them with my knowledge and experience in designing and creating ideas. I have a great amount of perseverance to achieve my goal. My optimistic and planned approach in things I do is what driving me towards my success.

Personal data

Location: Beirut - Lebanon

Phone: +961 3 453480



Bachelor of arts (BA) in graphic design

Faculty of fine Arts schools (2004)

Beirut - Lebanon

My Experience

In a world flooded by websites and designers, I have to move a step beyond. I am involved in the activity of designing various kinds of items, including digital media, web design, animation,and printing materials.
In my professional career, I constantly strive for perfection by pushing myself to carefully hone my craft as a designer. Basically, my design are fully integrated, branded, and visual communication across media, and project campaigns.


Webdesign| UN-ESCWA

Knowledge Repository
Webdesign| UN-ESCWA

Webdesign| UN-ESCWA

Covid-19 Tracker
Animation| UN-ESCWA

Peace Building Supplement
Editorial| UNDP

Designing Arab SDG Monitor
Website | UN-ESCWA

Designing Manara
Website | UN-ESCWA

Designing Invitation cards
Webinar Invitation | UNDP

Designing SDG Knowledge & Learning Web site/Animation
Website | UN-ESCWA

Designing Arab Finance for Development Web site
Website + Animation| UN-ESCWA |

Designing A responsive Interactive Web site
|Capacity for Impact Measurement of Prevention of Violent Extremism – Arab States | UNDP Amman

Infographic data visualization for /Arab Development Portal/ UNDP

Infographic data visualization for /Arab Development Portal/ UNDP

Manual Book design and 8 illustrations /Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR)

Design the layout of the GIZ Lebanon /Welcome E-Brochure between Lebanon and Germany

Poster Design about Refugees children /This poster was created for the graphic design Festival scotland 2018 competition

Poster Design about Refugees Women/This poster was created for the graphic design Festival scotland 2018 competition

Nuray Arabic Calligraphy / logo

Melco is freight-forwarding and a global logistics Network / Website Design

Civic Influence HubBrochure Design

storytelling Complex Infographics DRC/ Danish Refugee Council (United Nations)

Interactive Infographics Web Page DRC/ Danish Refugee Council (United Nations)

video-animation/ animated-characters

UNDP/General Guidelines for the Lebanese Food industry Book



Buthaina Al Ansari Website

Monty Holding Website

Bond SMS Website

Spactron Website

Monty Mobile Website

My Monty Website

Monty Mobile Stand exhibition

Spactron 3d Stand Exhibition

Abu Afif sweets Website

Roberto Billini Ads

Abu Afif Branding

Monty Mobile Logo

R & C Gemstones Logo

Roberto Billini Ads

MB Matrix IMSI Video / Animation

SMS Gateway Management Video / Animation

Monty Mobile SMS service Video / Animation

Spactronn Stand Exhibition

Wholesale voice carrier Video / Animation

Capital Beirut College Website

Monty Call Website

Roberto Bellini Website

Spactron Brochure

Monty Mobile Catalogue

Spactron Mobile Application

Monty Holding Catalogue

Monty Mobile Catalogue

Abu Afif Sweets Brochure

Bond SMS Logo

Concept Wall Design Poster

Monty Holding Poster

Monty Call Mobile Application

Monty Chat Mobile Application

Get Connected Poster

ITW -spactron Video Animation

Abdul Aziz KhojaWebsite



Working in designing studios in collaboration with major advertising agencies gave me a valuable and solid experience in opening high profile accounts and channels in this business.

Needless to say, being a project manager in my career development, responsible for the conceptualization, formation, and creative execution for graphic design, armed with the professional experience, and deep advanced knowledge of using the tools for my profession made me fully aware and determined to provide the best future projects in a professional concept.

MY Skills

Web Design95%


UI, UX Design95%



+961 3 453 480

Beirut - Lebanon